Fossils of the Future is a series I began in 2016. It is made up of bodies of work from photography to sculpture and uses many different materials.

I am a materials artist. I make work using porcelain, metal, hydrocal, glass, wood, resin, plaster, concrete, cyanotype, and more recently, plastic. I also care deeply about the environment.

My first pieces in this series focused on single use plastic bottles and plastic food containers. The finished pieces incorporate cast porcelain bottles glazed with volcanic crusty glazes, cyanotype prints on porcelain and paper and hydrocal castings of plastic food containers.

More recently, I have explored plastic debris as a viable art material in itself by incorporating the actual plastic into my art. I rescue plastic from its problematic destructive fate and layer it with dried paint, resin, and other materials creating "monoliths" and "mini- liths", echoing core samples of the earth. 

Sometimes an artist needs to be an alchemist. I hope that I have created work that appeals aesthetically, and engenders deeper conversation about the world we live in.