VIDEO: Baptism

Baptizing the rope for "Eye Sea Hope" in The Salton Sea

Helter Shelter; Remnants of a Home; Salton Sea series
wood, steel, paint
216" x 84"
ceramic, plastic water bottles, string, ice
6 feet x 2 feet

I travelled to the base of glaciers in Banff National Park to take impressions with clay. Those imprints were turned into porcelain pieces that were filled with water, frozen onto a piece of plastic water bottle and hung by string from the ceiling. As the ice melted, the ceramics fell loose and smashed against the ground, echoing the sound of the glaciers melting and calving.

Eye Sea: A Prayer for The Salton Sea
cyanotpe, aluminum and sisal rope
18FT X 30FT
ceramic and wood
photo; 22" x 30" Sculpture; 60" x 10" x 4"
VIDEO: Jack Rabbit Ghost
porcelain, steel cable
8FT X 20FT
VIDEO: Jackrabbit Ghost
Porcelain, Plexi, Steel Cable